Introduction of TMSCS

The Message Schools and Colleges System is one of the project of Zeenat Zaman Welfare Trust. It is governed by the Board of Trustees who aims to make quality education easily accessible to every child especially for needy and deserving orphan children, without any discrimination. The Trust has limited quota fixed for such students and bears all their educational expenses which includes Tuition fee, Books and Uniform expenses.


To ensure that each child entrusted to us is given space to be able to realize his/her full potential. Both the family and the nation have high expectations and we know our children will make all proud.


The institution has undertaken the onerous yet pleasurable task of ensuring that all children handed over to us in good faith are brought up with love and care so that they grow up into confident young adults. Every child is our most precious possession and our mission is to nurture and help them spread their wings. A young, innocent and impressionable child should be able to leave our school with an all rounded education. This includes being able to differentiate between right and wrong, having a compassionate nature with the willingness to reach out to those who are less fortunate.

We have adopted a progressive approach towards education. While we make certain that the students learn traditional values, culture and history of the nation, they should also be equally confident about the challenges awaiting them outside the threshold of their school. We stand by them as they fumble and learn, urging them on to compete and excel against themselves rather than against each other.

We believe that education starts within the home. We will appreciate your support in our endeavor to help empower the children.

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